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Why acoach?

acoach delivers Accelerated Skill Development through enhanced coaching.

Organizations invest significant sums in their training programs often without a framework to ensure that the learned content is being re-inforced on the job.

acoach solves that problem by delivering an application which allows team leaders and their teams instant access to a universal coaching platform.

acoach offers a platform to ensure that your teams are having frequent, structured and effective one-one ones with their managers.


One single Coaching Session cannot change a life-learnt behavior

Don’t create a new book for each Coaching Session, just add a new chapter.

Traditional Coaching Sessions fail to deliver consistency and continuity and are often not documented. The acoach coaching methodology utilizes our ‘Virtual Coaching Book’, ie: the team leader creates a new virtual coaching book two or three times a year which will include the self-assessment from the team member and the agreed skills selected for coaching focus.

The team leader will add a new coaching chapter to the book at each coaching session, which ensures that the same skills remain in focus until the agreed goals have been met. Only at this point does the team leader create a new coaching book selecting new skills for focus as necessary.


Skills specific resource links

Maximizing Team Leader’s time

Nothing frustrates a team leader more than identifying a training need through a coaching conversation, then struggling to find any related training resources. acoach allows deep linking directly to your LMS, allowing team leaders to rapidly utilize expensive training resources at the most important moment – the point of coaching! The modules can be assigned a due date with reminder emails and will also appear on the team members dashboards.


Coaching is only Coaching when it’s 2-Way

Team Members need to own their development.

Coaching only really works when the team member feels like an equal partner in their own development. Many of our clients are familiar with the Self-Assessment at Year End Review, but rarely use it in regular coaching session. acoach allows the team leader to request a self-assessment at the start of a new Coaching Book, two or three times a year.

The team leader will then discuss the coachee’s perception of their proficiency across the core skills vs. the team leader’s own assessment. This highlights differences in perceptions and allows for timely correction, aided by in-built informational pop up definitions, that leads to incredibly powerful coaching conversations.

This lays the baseline for skills focus and development over the coming months. Additionally acoach can limit the number of skills that the team leader can assign for focus, avoiding confusion and overload.


Critical coaching Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

acoach constantly monitors and gives feedback on the ‘pulse’ of your coaching

Set Metrics & KPIs. At the outset of implementing acoach, KPIs and tolerance thresholds can be configured for dashboards, automated reminders and reports. Both qualitative and quantitative metrics can be established, benchmarked and tracked.

The acoach team will ensure you have the correct KPIs to monitor coaching outcomes and progression towards your corporate goals. In addition, senior leadership, legal, compliance, training and HR teams will also be able to access the detailed management information they need.

Reminders & Indicators for team leaders – The acoach activity dashboard delivers instant visibility of your coaching ‘pulse’ at all levels. Dashboard alerts can be combined with automated email reminders to direct the user instantly to any coaching related event that needs addressing.

acoach delivers the complete package that ensures each individual is given the help they need to fully realize their potential.

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Here are some of the comments we have received from our clients.

“acoach allows me to be a better leader, no it makes me a better leader!”

Regional Business Director – US
Top 10 Global Life Sciences Corporation

“I have been managing here for three years now and I have to say that acoach is likely one of the best tools I have seen at our company, not only during my three years as an RBM, but in my fourteen years at this company”.

District Business Manager – Canada
Top 10 Global Life Sciences Corporation

“What does acoach mean to me? It’s not quite the 2004 World Series, but it’s pretty big”.

District business Manager – US
Top 10 Global Life Sciences Corporation

“I want you to know how important the acoach tool has been to me and having conversations with my DBMs about their coaching approach. The coaching tool is powerfully important to our work as coaches and my job as a business leader. I want you to know that you did a great job on the development and functionality – well done!”

Regional Sales Director – US
Top 10 Global Life Sciences Corporation


Our Client Engagement Team is here to help you with your transition to the next level of sales performance development

Simon Mormen

CEO & FOUNDER Simon oversees offices in both the US and UK. He specializes in the introduction and customization of Global LifeScience Field Force Coaching solutions and has led deployments in all major global markets.
Simon is still actively involved in client consultancy and training globally. Simon is often submerged in complex IT projects, but in his down time likes a totally different kind of submersion.

Ashley Youngs

OPERATIONS DIRECTOR Ashley leads the Development, User Experience and Testing Teams at Atomus. He has over twenty years’ experience in delivering high profile, technology led solutions to the corporate marketplace. His strong business acumen and passion have helped build the Atomus brand to gold-standard. He has a background of racing off-road motorcycles and has more recently been seen driving dirt oval race cars.

Kevin Dowsett

HEAD OF CLIENT SERVICES Kevin oversees project deployment and customer support teams in the US and UK. Kevin works with international corporations to implement Sales Training and Field Force Effectiveness tools across customer organizations. He ensures acoach tools provide maximum ROI through exceptional customer service and support. Kevin enjoys Tabletop wargames and painting award-winning miniature soldiers.

David Anderson

KEY ACCOUNT MANAGER David is an experienced leader with over twenty years in the pharmaceutical industry. He has a proven track record and vast experience in sales, sales management, training, and leadership development with emphasis on developing solutions tailored to individual client and organizational reporting needs. He is also a marathon runner and spends time helping his daughter achieve success in Soccer.

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